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My mission is to create legacies and elevate humanity to an even more harmonious place by shepherding individuals and communities through trauma recovery.

Healing from trauma is possible. Trauma recovery promotes nervous system self-regulation, creating space for a pause, allowing for spaciousness, for responding, rather than reacting from a dysregulated nervous system.

Difficulty sleeping, not feeling rested, difficulty relaxing, muscle tension and pain, bursts of anger, withdrawing from family and friends, feelings of isolation and not fitting in, and dissociation, would all be signs of nervous system dysregulation in the aftermath of Acute Traumatic Stress, Post Traumatic Stress, Secondary Traumatic Stress, Collective Trauma, and Traumatic Grief.

Trauma Recovery is shepherding individuals and communities through recovering from a traumatic experience, a journey considering the “contemplative practices” of trauma-sensitive yoga, trauma-sensitive meditation, and trauma recovery coaching, a bearing witness of sacred space, and the holding of a safe container for healing.

Trauma recovery coaching method is ontologically founded, building on a 40-year nursing practice grounded in the nursing theory “Human Becoming”, developed by nurse theorist Dr. Rosemarie Rizzo Parse.

Human Becoming is a nurse theory, with principles of ontology, and structured around three abiding themes: meaning, rhythmicity, and transcending.

Hello and Welcome

"The Glory of God is Man fully alive,"
GK Chesterton