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I help individuals and communities recover from trauma through transformational coaching. With the ever-increasing knowledge of how trauma is experienced in the body, trauma experts are redefining trauma symptoms as a whole-body experience, moving away from a mental health disorder. With healthcare professionals being on the front line, Healthcare Professionals are experiencing moral distress, secondary traumatic stress, acute traumatic stress, post traumatic stress, traumatic grief, and what is now known as collective trauma. Most are not aware of living in fight or flight, or in what is now known as freeze and collapse

"Kathryn is a gifted and loving coach (and human being). Her intuitive sensitivity and kind presence have provided a safe and grounded space for me to heal, grow and open to new possibilities. I am so grateful to receive the gift of her wise and caring guidance on my healing journey."

Joy L.

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My mission is to create legacies and elevate humanity to an even more harmonious place by shepherding individuals and communities through trauma recovery.

Healing from trauma is possible. Trauma recovery promotes nervous system regulation, creating a safe space for a pause, allowing for spaciousness, for responding, rather than reacting, from a dysregulated nervous system.

Trauma Recovery Coaching is highly effective because it is based on a new deeply grounded and practical understanding of collective trauma eruptions, a new understanding of how the past is being lived today with traumatic experiences not fully integrated, and how the future is being co-created with innovation, inspiration, and creativity with trauma integration.

Shepherding individuals and communities through recovering from a traumatic experience is a journey considering the “contemplative practices” of trauma-sensitive yoga, trauma-sensitive meditation, and trauma recovery coaching, a bearing witness of sacred space, and the holding of a safe container for healing, building on a forty year nursing practice grounded in “Human Becoming”, a nurse theory developed by Dr. Rosemarie Rizzo Parse, with principles of ontology and structured around three abiding themes: meaning, rhythmicity, and transcending.

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