Trauma Recovery is to shepherd individuals and communities through trauma recovery

Traumare Covery is to shepherd individuals and communities through traumare covery

About Us

Mission of Trauma Recovery is to shepherd individuals and communities through trauma recovery.

Methods are non-pharmacological, and include Trauma Recovery Coaching, certified coach with John Maxwell. My coaching foundation in ontology. My professional nursing practice is grounded in Human Becoming, nurse theory developed by Rosemary Parce, with foundation in ontology, in 1981.

Professional Speaker for Health Care Organizations, certified speaker with John Maxwell.

Registered Yoga and Meditation Teacher for Trauma Sensitive Yoga and Meditation Classes for military communities suffering from PTSD and Moral Injury and Soul Injury.

Services offered in scheduled workshops, key notes, online communities, and one on one with individuals in person, telephone, ZOOM, and social media communities (Secret Facebook Groups).

Four Pillars

1. Bearing witness is holding a safe sacred space, the synergy and the power of that space, the alchemy of two in alignment, for the sacred stories of trauma to be shared, being fully present in the precious moment without judgement. Companioning the journey of trauma recovery, being grounded in an awareness of what we don’t yet see and don’t yet hear, making the unconscious conscious. Making the space to listen in stillness, creates a safe container that can hold the energy that is being released. It is supporting and holding into the light, being a witness to the emerging of grace.

2. Being Authority of Compassion that empowers, encourages, and calls forth hidden gifts, and enables great things to happen, at the same time, being in solidarity with those who suffer. Bringing an understanding of the aftereffects of trauma on the nervous system, being crystallized, and having a groundedness, creates the space for trauma to be really opened and the energy that is bound in it can find a new evolution.

3. Creating Rhythms is integrating rhythms internally and externally, becoming aware of the body’s primary role maintaining internal balance through homeostasis, the nervous system, the PNS, and the SNS. The mysterious rhythm of suffering and grace. Bearing witness to suffering is co-creating the rhythm of giving and receiving, all at once, in synchronicity. Being out of sync is being stuck in destructive patterns and disharmony.

4. Transcending is witnessing of the mysterious spiritual transcendence of Grace, a doorway to the sacredness of the present moment. A deeper place within where wisdom flows, and where we can tolerate life’s uncertainty, hovering more comfortably in the spaces between knowing to allow for greater possibility and creativity.

"The Glory of God is Man fully alive," GK Chesterton