The word is out! Yoga is good for you!! With a yoga studio in every neighborhood, like Starbucks…. not all yoga is the same. And not all yoga is appropriate for those who have experienced a traumatic event.

The amazing work of pioneer Bessel van der Kolk has shed new light, and hope, on how the body experiences trauma, and recovers from trauma. The mind may dissociate from the body. Yoga is a union of mind and body, bringing one back home to the body, getting to know oneself, with clarity.
Quoting van der Kolk “Yoga is most effective in coming back home, reclaiming your body’’.

This is a virtual LIVE event. All levels are welcome. Very appropriate for the beginner, and the athlete!
Wear comfortable clothing in a space for a yoga mat.

Cost is $12.00 for one class; $80.00 for a series of 10 classes.
Registration is required for access to the class. ZOOM link will be provided with registration.


TSY 60 minutes