Yoga Nidra is a profoundly relaxing, deeply restful practice and the fullest expression of yoga can be found in the gift of total relaxation.
Yet we know relaxation can often be difficult to achieve, because stress tends to become lodged in our nervous systems. The storage of stress hampers our ability to relax fully and limits our experience of the inner healing comfort that’s available to all of us at the deepest levels of our awareness.

Our usual asleep is often not effective enough to reach and untangle these very deep levels of stress. Yoga Nidra is a simple and powerful technique designed specifically to release the obstacles to relaxation. It is rest of the deepest kind. Yoga Nidra provides the necessary deep rest that allows the body – mind to heal itself naturally. During Yoga Nidra we dive deep within to contact and absorb the powerful healing qualities of calm, comfort, and ease that are at our very core. In this way, the deeply held patterns of stress begin to unwind and release.

This entire practice is about allowing, not trying, but simply allowing ourselves to release into the comfort of our very essence, pure being, the source of all healing, relaxation and bliss. You’ll find the subtle levels of awareness have a gravity of their own that pulls you toward ever deepening experiences of peacefulness and tranquility.

Join this LIVE class with ZOOM. The Yoga Nidra class is offered at Sunshine Therapeutics. Please visit to gain information on schedule, dates, times.

Participants may attend the class on site, or join the virtual class LIVE!!
For registration for the LIVE class, please submit payment through paypal button here.

The word is out! Yoga is good for you!! With a yoga studio in every neighborhood, like Starbucks…. not all yoga is the same. And not all yoga is appropriate for those who have experienced a traumatic event.

The amazing work of pioneer Bessel van der Kolk has shed new light, and hope, on how the body experiences trauma, and recovers from trauma. The mind may dissociate from the body. Yoga is a union of mind and body, bringing one back home to the body, getting to know oneself, with clarity.
Quoting van der Kolk “Yoga is most effective in coming back home, reclaiming your body’’.

This is a virtual LIVE event. All levels are welcome. Very appropriate for the beginner, and the athlete!
Wear comfortable clothing in a space for a yoga mat.

Cost is $12.00 for one class; $80.00 for a series of 10 classes.
Registration is required for access to the class. ZOOM link will be provided with registration.


TSY 60 minutes

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