Coaching with Kathryn Bumgarner

I help individuals and communities recover from trauma through transformational coaching. With the ever-increasing knowledge of how trauma is experienced in the body, trauma experts are redefining trauma symptoms as a whole-body experience, moving away from a mental health disorder. With healthcare professionals being on the front line, Healthcare Professionals are experiencing moral distress, secondary traumatic stress, acute traumatic stress, post traumatic stress, traumatic grief, and what is now known as collective trauma. Most are not aware of living in fight or flight, or in what is now known as freeze and collapse.

The coaching process will provide content, insight, tools, wisdom, framework, ideas, and feedback, moving you from awareness to action and accountability. The coaching process provides many structures for you to meet your individual and organizational goals.

Trauma recovery coaching is highly effective because it is based on a new deeply grounded and practical understanding of trauma eruptions and collective trauma. A new understanding of how the past is being lived today with traumatic experiences not fully integrated, and how with integrating traumatic experiences the future is being co-created with innovation, inspiration, creativity.

The coaching relationship is a powerful process of being seen and heard. The answers are within, the role of the coach is simply to help draw those answers out, increasing awareness of what is unconscious, and how we influence others. The coaching relationship is within a defined period of time, allowing the client to obtain concrete and measurable results in his or her personal and professional life.

Trauma recovery coaching is about a way of being, seeing, and presencing. Discovering you are resourceful, innovative, intuitive, creative, inspiring and whole, an inner wholeness that cannot be injured or fragmented. Discovering you are created by a creator to be creative.

As a yoga teacher, teaching trauma sensitive yoga and meditation, I trust each student will find their way. I trust each client in the coaching relationship will find his or her way to the answers that are within. Answers to that which is in the way of becoming and belonging. Trauma is at the bottom of a deep black lake.

As a trauma recovery coach, my highest intention is to help nurses, healthcare professionals, and nurse leaders to understand their wholeness and essence at a profound level, expanding their capacity to understand and serve others.

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