The Soul Can Not Be Injured

Have you been asked if you could give a definition of “Soul”?
Have you asked another person or group of people if they could define “Soul”? With the increasing knowledge and awareness of how the body experiences trauma, new ways of describing phenomena that are not new, are emerging. As attempt to better understand the manifestations of combat fatigue, also known as shell shock, and Vietnam
Stress, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), became a formal mental health diagnosis in 1980, soon after the Vietnam War. Soon after the formal diagnosis of PTSD, the phenomena Moral Injury was introduced. Moral Injury was first described in the book written by Jonathan Shay, Achilles of Vietnam: Combat Trauma and Undoing of Character, published in 1994.

As the trauma research brought an explosion of the new knowledge of how trauma is experienced in the body, and moving away from the mental health diagnosis, many trauma exerts are dropping the “D” in PTSD. Moral Injury is being accepted as a disorder to address and offer interventions. Soul Injury is also a condition that was introduced,
as a deep wound that individuals experience in their inner beings. To describe a Soul Injury, needs to include a description of Soul.

Defining Soul is not easy, and depends upon who the person is who is describing Soul. How is Soul Injury different from Moral Injury. Moral injury is a term used to describe the psychological and emotional damage that results from actions that go against one’s moral or ethical beliefs.

In describing Soul Injury, Soul needs to be described. Touching Soul, is touching the essence of who you are, in union with your created Being, and the Creator. When I teach a yoga nidra class, in Military Communities, the practice brings us to a place of rest in our essence, a place of bliss, the Soul. This practice takes the person beyond
trauma, injuries, physical wounds and invisible wounds, pain, depression, anxiety, to their essence, their true nature, their Soul, in union with the creator of their soul, knitted into oneness. Oneing.

This place of essence and bliss, oneing with the Divine, and all creations of the Divine can not be injured.All the great mystical and wisdom traditions of the world converge, each in their own way, around one great central narrative, humanity arose from unity, the experience of Oneness, of profound connectedness to all that is. To attain
unity is so impossibility difficult because it is impossible to become what we already are.

Our Soul can not be injured. The healing journey from Post Traumatic Stress and Moral Injury happens in a connecting and safe space.
If you are interested in learning more, or working with me, I offer complimentary trauma recovery coaching sessions for the opportunity to experience.

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