Wisdom of Our Bodies

Trusting in the Wisdom of Our Bodies.

Our bodies want to heal. Our bodies are wise, they have been here for thousands of years.
May is Nurses month. 2023 is the first year for Nurses to be recognized and appreciated for the entire month of May. Over the past 30 years, Nurses Day was recognized on May 12, the birthdate of the founder of nursing as the profession we know today, Florence Nightingale. Twenty years ago Nurses Week was declared for nurses to be recognized and appreciated for the week. This year the month of May is designated Nurses Month, a month to honor, thank, and show appreciation for nurses.

So, maybe you are wondering, along with me, about designating an entire year to nurses. And maybe moving away from a day, week, month being set aside to remember Florence Nightingale, but to the nurses from the beginning of time who offer “care”.

I am reminded of the biblical story of Mary Magdalene, who was called by the folks in the village to be with women giving birth. When she met and became an apostle of Jesus, she was told by Jesus to “go heal”. She was a healer.

There is something within our bodies that is our true compass.
There is a deep inner stillness, our true essence, our bliss. My favorite yoga class to teach is “Yoga Nidra”. Here, in this class, I refer to this essence, this bliss, which can not be injured. This true essence is always there, and cannot be separated from the Divine. Our souls cannot be injured, bruised, wounded.

This is the place, within, where compassion emerges in our caring for others who are suffering, who are dying, and who are blind, lame, and confused. This is the place where we experience a nervous system shift of energy, we feel being in the “flow” and co-synchronization with others. I have also experienced this when in a “zone” while swimming or running. This flow is also described as a feeling of abundance, being filled from the inside, and radiating out to others as a transmission. This is the place where our bodies want to heal.

What is it that hinders and entangles, keeping us isolated and fearful, with feelings of scarcity? Individual, collective, and ancestral trauma. Trauma recovery coaching is very effective in healing as we move away from the imploding healthcare system and nursing education system as we know them. The future is emerging in this moment. Wisdom Elders are needed to hold the sacred space for this emerging future, and recovery from trauma. This is the coaching relationship. The sacred space for listening to the deep wisdom of our unconsciousness, trusting the healing that emerges.

Sarah DiGregorio, writes in her new book released this month of May, “Taking Care: the Story of Nursing And Its Power to Change the World”, “We could organize ourselves around the very old, very powerful idea that everyone deserves care. Maybe we were made for that”. When one heals, we all heal. I help individuals and communities create systems of care, and caring systems.

If this resonates with you, lets have a “Vibe Call”, as described by Simon Parsons.

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