Work With Kathryn

Uncovering the meaning of GK Chesterton’s words, “The glory of God is man fully alive”, Kathryn’s work as a coach sits at the nexus of her nursing practice grounded in the lived experience of health, phenomenology and ontology, and her trauma sensitive yoga teaching. Through deep and compassionate inquiry, trusting her clients will find their way, journeying with them as they unravel that which is entangled and hidden deep in unconsciousness.

The Four Pillars of Trauma Recovery

Bearing Witness Holding Space, the synergy and power of that space creates safety. The alchemy of two in alignment, creates a sacred space where presencing is seeing. Being seen and heard is deep listening to what emerges. It is supporting and holding into the light, being a witness to the emerging of grace.

Being Authority of CompassionCompassion is always energizing, never fatiguing. Being present, seeing another human being who is suffering creates a shift in the nervous system.

Creating Rhythms Integrating rhythms internally, homeostasis, and co-creating rhythms with another nervous system.

Transcending Witnessing the mysterious spiritual transcendence of Grace, a doorway to the sacredness of the present moment. A deeper place within where wisdom flows to allow for greater possibility and creativity.